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1. In Morozov (1) on p. 348 in chapter II-V is going about eclipse mentioned in Aurelis Victor's book "About Caesars" (2) (5, 48).

"by Licinius emperor was held Sun injury in day patefactum , festum epiphaniae".

The patefactum day according to Church tradition is January 6. In orthodox tradition it else has name christing and takes place in January 19. Trasitionally it's 1-th day after Christmas.

The Licinius imperor according to (3) governed with some co-governors in years 305-314. According to Krasilnikov's canon let's write in table 1 all eclipses which can be held during his governing.

Table 1.To regret its empty. Hence Aurelius Victor wrote nonauthentically.

2. In Morozov (1) on p. 379 in chapter IV-IV is going about eclipse mentioned in this book too takihg place by Caesar's death. Else about this eclipse is going in (3).

"They say that after Caesar's body was put on car Sun own disc had hided"

In this quotation saying stricly may be going not only about eclipse but usual Sundown. It may be strong comparison too.

If this quotation consider as eclipse describing for this description we can selst rather great number of eclipses.

According to tradition history he died in 44 BC. From year 50 BC to 33 BC there were no Sun eclipses in italian Roma and Constantinopol.

 Once more this eclipse is described in Ovidius in "Methamorphoses", in Virgilius "Georgici", Tibull, Plutarch, Cedrenos, Joseph Flavii and Servii.

3. In Morozov (1) on p. 390 in chapter IV-XI is going about eclipse mentioned in Aurelius Victor's book "About Caesars" (2, 4, 14):

"In Ehey sea (Claudius sixth year) suddenly appeared in night fire island, in this night Moon eclipse was held".

About this eclipse is going in Seneque and Dion Cassius.

To regret there is so few information for precise dating of each of three abovementioned eclipses.


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