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In Morozov (1) on p. 377 in chapter IV-I  is going about eclipse mentioned in Cicero

Cicero in his poem "About god" writes:

"And you on Alban mountain looed out snow covers,
And you with joy celcbrated with milk Latin holidays
You saw comets, having broked in horror by its color
In bad time was held Latin holidays:
In denced fog hided Moon its bright view
Becaming alone among stars, among night"

May be is mentioned Moon eclipse.

With Ginzel's viewpoint about this eclipse may be going in Plutarch's "Vita Emilii Pauli", Plini's "Natural history"Quintilliana (I, 10, 47), Valerius Maximus (VIII, II, I) and Frontin Strategist  (I, 12, 18).

To regret description is too general so we can't determine its precise date.


1. Morozov N.A. Christ. Volume 4. Moscow. Craft-Lean, 1998
2. Cicero de divinitate, I. 11,8.

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