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In Morozov (1) on p. 365 in chapter II-XII  is going about eclipse mentioned in Claudian in
(2), (3, 58).

Claudian writes in his poem "About battle by Pollentinno in Italy".

"Horror appears due to long suffering of Moon,
And Sun's sisteer became dark
Still be appealed in night in towns
With crying and copper rummble."
"And don't believe (in its apperaing in next night)
After Sun forbidding for frauded sister
Rise over Earth ball"
"And there are added feachers of last year..."
Pressing of solid as stone hail
And whereever being without reasons
Fires burning houses
And comet never appearing in sky
Without following mmisfortune"

In this and next chapters we specially don't analising comet due to nonperfection of comet list from the chronology viewpoint.

 According to traditional history mentioned battle was held in 403 AD. In this year wasn't Moon eclipse in Europe but those eclipses was in neighbour years. More comprehensive in Morozov in (1) on p. 366

This source isn't neither confirmed neither refuted.


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