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Attention! Belowmentioned eclipses are considered not in chronology order!

1. In Morozov (1) on p. 311 in chapter I-I  is going about eclipse mentioned in Consularia Constantinopolitana (2) (4, 59):

"In Arcady V (i.e. fifth year) and Honory V (in fifth year) in their consulies was held Sun eclipse III november ides (11 november)"

We shalln't due to nonnecessity to write about this comprehensively because of it is the same eclipse mentioned in Hydatii chronicle and in corresponding article analised. It is also mentioned in Gallic chronicle.

2. In Morozov (1) on p. 343 in chapter II-I  is going about eclipse mentioned in Consularia Constantinopolitana (4, 46):

"In 291 after Christ Birth by consulas Toverian and Dion darkness was made among day and in this year Constanci (Chlor) and Maxim as Caesars proclaimed"

Before this quotation Morozov makes speculatios about Consularia Constantinopolitana as the source resurrected by Mommsen by quotations of more later authors.

Information: in 291 AD Diocletian was governed (if believe (3)). Its very difficult say in what year Constanci Chlor and Maxim as Caesars proclaimed because of if believe (3) in 305 there was co-governing of several governors, and in 293 befpre that Constanci Chlor was promoted as future August candidate. Maxim was proclaimed as co-governor yet in 285.

Hence let's look according Krasilnikov's canon what eclipses were held in this years. The results are put in table 1.
Table 1.

                         Roma              Constantinopol
 291/05/15    15:22  0.730        15:31  0.679
 293/09/17    14:20  0.544        14:30  0.661
 305/02/10    15:43  0.610        15:42  0.729

From this table is visible that eclipses really took place in 291, 293, 305, and someone among writes or compilatroes made mistake.

3. In Morozov (1) on p. 344 in chapter II-II  is going about eclipse mentioned in Consularia Constantinopolitana (p.232) (4, 49):

"In 318 after Crist Birth in fifth year Licinius and Crisp Caesar was made darkness in ninth hour of day (from sunrise, Morozov's remark)"

Licinius began govern according (3) in 308 as August, and his fifth year is 312. We shall consider all eclipses held in those years. Results are in table 2.

Table 2
                      Roma          Constantinopol
 316/07/06                           03:07 0.478
 319/05/06   16:01  0.815   16:06  0.885

The first of two eclipses was visble in Roma negligible. The second one to the best corresponds to description. For example, in Constantinopol sunrise was in 7:00 by GMT.

There is obvious chronological mistake.

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3. Sergejew A.G. Church and states governors by 2000 years. Vladimir, Posad, 1998. (In Russian: praviteli tserkwi i gosudarstv za poslednije 2000 let)
4. Spezieller Kanon der Sonnen- und Mondfinsternisse fur das Landregebiet der klassische Altertumswissenschaften und ben Zeitraum von 900 vor Chr. bis 600 nach Chr. von F.K.Ginzel Standigem Mitgliede des Konigl. Astronomische Recheninstitutes, Berlin Mayer & Muller 1899

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