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In Morozov (1) on p. 331 in chapter I-XV  is going about eclipse mentioned in Cosma Indicopleustes (2),(3 72):

"When he (old man from Antiochia Stephan) was asked to predict sun eclipse in Toth month by Anastas, the man very clever and penetrating and having advantage over many physisists, he said the nearest will be held in this hour Mechir 12, and it was held. And Moon eclipse (he predicted to) Mesori 24 in precise hour was held too. After this he (Anastas) surprised asked he again and when he predicted again Anastas was surprised anew."

By traditional history Cosma Indicopleustes was contemporay of Justinian, i.e. he lived in 6-th century.

So we have problem: Sun eclipse in Mechir 12, Moon eclipse at Mesori 24.

There are two Egypt calendars: stable (its also Alexndriia stable) and so called moving. Not is understandable by what of this praductons was made. As the "stabling" of Egypt calendar ws held after its conqueror by Romans, in 6th century AD it must be sure stable.

If is going aboput stable calendar then 12 Mechir is 6 or 7 February (it depends on is leap-year or usual) and 24 Mesori is 17 August.

Let's look according to Krasilinikov's canon what Sun eclipses took place in 6th century in 6 or 7 February. Results are in table 1.

Table 1

                         Alexandria   Constantinopol     Athens            Roma
 547/02/06 We 06:50  0.613   07:00  0.429   06:51  0.477   06:48  0.463

As is visible among all cities of Mediterrae Sea this eclipse was on the best visible in Alexandria (with phase 0.613 was a little darkness). The centr of this eclipse was in Sakhara.
Analagously we find Moon eclipse in 17 August. The results:

 547/08/17 00:19

Hemce we can conclude the same as Morozov: it was unsuccesfull exapmle of legend about old man calculator. The Moon eclipse was calulating good but the Sun bad.

There are not sense to find solutions in other years.


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