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1. In Morozov (1) on p. 427 in chapter VI-XII  is going about eclipse mentioned in Diodorus Sucullus (2), (4, 13), which held in time when Achezilaus wanted to attack the land of beotians.

Vtntioned in Diodor king Archont's governing is dated of the 2-nd year of 96 Olimpiad, i.e. 393 BC. A little lower is showed hos this eclipse was visible from Athens (noice: on so far ancient year the precision of canon isn't the best):

-393/08/14  07:42  0.868

With accounting that from the XVI century (may be from the moost ancient times) people had teached to score eclipses canon for certain this eclipse dating problem can have other solutions.

About this eclipse is going in Plutarch and Ksenofont

2. In Morozov (1) on p. 428 in chapter VI-XIII  is going about total solar eclipse mentioned in Diodorus Sucullus (3)(4, 14):

"When Pelopid quickly came forward with his troops, solar eclipse was held"

The tradition datong is first year of 104-th Olimpiad, i.e. 413 of Olimpis era or 361 BC. There was eclipse in next year visible from Athens:

-360/05/12  16:23  0.941

In spite of this are not excluded the solutions in other years.

About this eclipse is going in Plutarch.

3. In Morozov (1) on p. 430 in chapter VI-XV  is going about moon eclipse mentioned in Diodorus Sucullus and about what is going in Plutarch too.

It's eclipse was held by Dion.

Diodor's dated him as 4-th year of 105 Olimpiad, i.e. to the 420-th year of Olimpic era, i.e. to 356 BC. But there weren't Moon eclipses visible from Europe.

4. In Morozov (1) on p. 432 i n chapter VI-XVIII  is going about tottl solar eclipse mentioned in Diodorus Sucullus in (2, XX, 5,5 Ginzel 19), helding by the movement of Agaphocl's marine to Carphagen:

"The next dat was held so solar eclipse that night was made and whereever stars were visible"

About this eclipse is going in Justyn too.

There are no chances to solute this datind problem precisely.


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