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In Morozov (1) on p. 316 in chapter I-II  is going about eclipse mentioned in annales  chronography veteranus (2), (3, 60):

"(Year  418) In third hour Sun was eclipted 24 August kalends, and appered from the East firing star visible to October." Further by Morozov:
"(The September comet year 418, which according to China annales She-Ke and Ma-Tuan-Lin was observed between configurations of Leo and Virgin in September 15, reaching "100 eblows in length" and "destroying by itd tale stars of Big Bearess" and eclipse was before Leo's mouth".

The kalendar terminology is very surprised: the conception of "24 August Kalends" was not exist in ancient Roma kalendar. The Maximum figure of Calends is 14. If we consider it as little miswrite, then is going about eclipse with number 2 in the following sources: the second in Gallic chronica, is going about it in Hydatii, Church history by Philostorgi and  Chronicon Paschale.

So we shalln't becasue of nonnecessity write about this comprehensively.


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