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1. In Morozov (1) on p. 328 in chapter I-XII is going about several eclipses mentioned in English-saxon chronicle (2)(3, 70), the first of them:

"Year  538. In this year Sun was darked 14 days before march calends (16 February) from morning till 9 hours".

Morozov thinks is going about eclipse 15 february 538 (its characteristics by Kracilnikov's canon):

                     London        Marsel          Roma              Athens        Constantinopol
 538/02/15 08:23 0.679  08:15 0.738  08:26  0.926  08:18  0.793  08:37 0.921

although precisely in 16 February was held before sundown the follwing eclipse:

                     London        Marsel
565/02/16 17:20 0.816  17:13 0.545

The conclusions are obvious. Or chronicle writer  had mistake in 19 years or Beda Venerabilis's chronicle was wrote in Greece. Hours  was scored from sunrise, its obvious.

There are appeared thinks about too later chronicle character (as to timescoring from midnight not from sunrise).

2. About second eclipse is wroten in chapter I-XIII on p.329(3, 71):

"In 540 Sun was darked XII day of Julian calends (20 June) and stars was visible during half at hour after 9 hours of morning".

There is again scoring of time not from the midnight but from the morning.

Morozov thinks that this eclipse is 20 June 540. It was visible so:

                       London        Marsel            Roma              Athens       Constantinopol
540/06/20  08:00 0.654   07:55  0.876  07:58  1.077  08:10  0.844  08:19 0.940

The conclusions are the same: on south this eclpise was visible good, in north bad.

Hence English-saxon chronicle was wrote in south countries.

About those eclipses you can read in Beda Venerabilis , London annales, and History of England by Henry Gentinon.


1. Morozov N.A. Christ. Volume 4. Moscow. Craft-Lean, 1998
2. Anglo-Saxon Chronicle I, 28; II, 14
3. Spezieller Kanon der Sonnen- und Mondfinsternisse fur das Landregebiet der klassische Altertumswissenschaften und ben Zeitraum von 900 vor Chr. bis 600 nach Chr. von F.K.Ginzel Standigem Mitgliede des Konigl. Astronomische Recheninstitutes, Berlin Mayer & Muller 1899

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