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In Morozov (1) on p. 337 in chapter I-XX  is going about eclipse mentioned in the chronicle supposed to be as Fredegar's one in (2), (3, 79, 80):

"Year 590 (30-th Guntramni's year). In this year Moon was eclipted. In this year once more war between franks and bretons on Vicidonii river (currently Vilaine) was held".

"Year 592 (32-th Guntramni's year). Then from sunrise to sundowm Sun had deminished so its third part only was gived the light".

Eventually dating of Fredegar's chronilce is in the years of governing one or another frank's governors. Firstly part of his chronicle was wroten to year  613AD in Aventicum in Pagus ultrajoranus and was continued by other burgundian historian to year 658.

Formally mentiones in chronicle are lead to the problem: Moon eclipse in year N, Sun in year N+2. By Krasilnikov's canon we write all Sun elipse in year N+2 and find corresponding Moon eclipses in year N. But as first step we shall check the traditional solution mentioned in Morozov.

Hence Moon eclipses in year 590:

  590/04/25 12:23
  590/10/18 18:17 - it passes too. The time is nearly one half an hour after sundown (Morozov writes the same)

The Sun eclipses in 592 observed from Marsel:

592/03/19 09:01 0.744 - approximately corresponds to description.

The theoretically eventual other solutions (is shown plus-minus one passiang pair), table 1.

 Table 1.

  594/02/10 22:02
  594/08/06 22:58
  596/01/05 15:12 0.917

  588/11/09 03:02
  590/10/04 11:02 0.687

 The chronicle supposed to be Fridegar's we can consider as confirmed.

About Sun eclipse held in year 592 is possible to read once more in Aimoin's "The history of frenchmen" and in Saint-Denis chronicle of XIV century.


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