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- How the existing imperfection can be corrected.

1. What we want to achieve
2. What is possible to achieve
3. What to do with the received results

1. What we want to achieve

At reconstruction of a civilization, naturally, it would be desirable to achieve the perfect model, where all laid on the half-glasses, where about each source it would be possible to make unequivocal and conclusive opinion on a degree of its validity and - or forgings, where would have a place the certain chronograph, where each event would lay on the place, where each idea from sources laid would have unequivocal treatment and unequivocal translation.

Is such achievable? You see there is such thing, as a subjectivity of reflection of the information in sources and subjectivity of recognition. To allocate from a subjectivity to an objective component? To reach thus new knowledge, and at a global level? Whether is achievable?

The author of these lines considers, that a certain intermediate boundary is achievable. A good service can in it can make a logic formalism of a multivariancy, within the framework of which it is possible to build the versions of reconstruction. Its bases are submitted in the books of the author "Tatar-Mongols. Eurasia. Multivariancy" (has left to the public in October, 2002, the main theoretical chapter of this book is placed on and "Middle Ages. Mediterranean. Multivariancy" (prepares for issue, the main theoretical chapter is laid out on

Besides other, the introduction of such logic formalism in a historical science will contain, as for a modern condition of a historical science, one spicity: thus historical science will have all chances to turn from a science not so exact to a science exact. A similar type of effort on the part of the different scientific different countries in this or that form were undertaken.

The formalism of a multivariancy lifts one very interesting question: a question of treatments of that or other event, that or other fact. Moreover, in its frameworks attempt in general is undertaken to define these concepts.

So, the different treatments can result in different pictures of events. Therefore in reply to a question

2.What is possible achieve

We precisely realize that a certain unequivocal true can be unachievable. But we can achieve a certain set of the versions each of which to some extent has chance of true (result of application of the probability approach). After that it will be possible to consider all activity on reconstruction already as a whole completed and to begin the second stage of a way of knowledge: to comparison of these versions with the various facts and factintepretations on the rating to a principle. After realization of the given comparison it will be possible to make the table рейтинговой of an estimation of each of the versions. Thus most authentic will recognize the versions with the maximal rating. And

3. What to do with the received results

The received results it is possible and it will be necessary to present in as it is possible a more formal kind and to state in a printed kind. For example, textbook, manual, сайт in Интернете. Then it will be possible to make the following steps.

С целью реализации этих планов автор этих строк предпринимает шаги по организации проекта под предварительным названием "Энциклопедия. Хронология. Реконструкция". А свое мнение на эту тему вы можете высказать автору нажав здесь или оставив запись в его гостевой книге.

With the purpose of realization of these plans the author of these lines undertakes steps on organization of the project under the preliminary name "Encyclopedia. Chronology. Reconstruction". And opinion on this theme you can state to the author by pressing here or by leaving record in his Guestbook.

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