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In Morozov in (1) on p.344 there is information in chapter  II-III about eclipse, mentioned in Consularia Italiano (2)(4, ? 56):

"In 393 in 3-rd consulate of Feodosiya and Abundanci has occurred the darkness in the one third (or secpnd) hour on sunrise on October 26 (VI calend. Novembr.)"

 On traditional history (3) roman emperor Feodosiy I Great beganned to rule in 379. Its third year could be 381 or 382. Look on canon Krasilinikova, what were an eclipses in these gody. Result In table 1.

Table 1
                             Rome Constantinopol
 386/04/15 05:52  0.857  05:55  0.979
 393/11/20 09:46  0.964  10:14  0.997

Hence for each of eclipses as candidates on the solution there is the mistakeble date. For the first of them else and in number of year.

Probably about this eclipse a speech goes in Marcellin.

Consularia Italiano  hardly possible may be consider as the serious source.


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