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Poles of Russian-speaking cultural space: whether time for self-identification has come, or what we are Е.

Author's speech at the Internet-forum www.poloniapolska.ru, abstract from instant realities of the political moment and adapted to a format Internets-clauses

Ladies and gentlemen!

Wanted was all to greet at this perfect forum of my old friend, for Some news from polonia lives of Russia, in particular, carrying out the Internet-concurse beauty among representatives of young generation the Polish club of businessmen not Can not inspire. But alas Е events in Belarus (the question is not so tender Lukashenko with representatives of the Polish diaspora of Belarus in August, 2005), Anyhow appear the largest and loudest of all events in a life of Poles Russian-speaking cultural space Е

Therefore now, probably, besides other, appreciating good Polish custom, It is a high time to talk here that very long time ago became ripe - about politics and about culture. And not a level "the attitude to Putin and his acts - the attitude to Kwasniewski and to his acts", the degree of the knoledge with creativity by Chopin, Sienkiewicz, Wajda, John Paul II (specially figures from different spheres of the literature, art and a religious life) are, and on Level deeper. Namely, at a level cultural (or psycho-cultural, as to everybody) And political self-identification of Poles of Russia, or, speaking more general, Poles Russian-speaking cultural space. This problem, from the point of view of the author of these lines, more than it is actual for Poles of Belarus, and, in the same degree, but under a little bit other corner sight - for Poles of Ukraine. Especially she was aggravated after the introduction of Poland in Incorporated Europe.

The sad reality of a global geopolitic situation as a whole will be, that Poles of Russia (behind exception unless its Asian part), Belarus, Ukraine, a little to a lesser degree - Kazakhstan are compelled itself to feel or not Very clearly whom, or persons, completely assimileted in other representatives The Russian-speaking cultural environment. From this point of view their situation is hard Е They were in all KGB documents of times of reprisals caleed as "representatives of nationalities of the foreign states", their autonomous region in Ukraine, and today has been liquidated, that the most annoying, about it nobody speaks, except for a society "Memorial" www.memo.ru, and those Speak rather silently, as a society, as at the author of these lines after acquaintance to it the impression was created, experiences now not the best period. And in fact during reprisals much looked, it is especial in Ukraine in such a manner that national delimitation was enough Precise, and up to the Holocaust literally one step Е Agreed all concepts of international law Here like and a good occasion for a loud raising of a question, even at a level of indemnification for families subjected to repression, but alasЕ The largest polonian organization of Russia issues appeals about "rehabilitation of Poles of Russia", and no more Е

Here like the moment that a certain voice has sounded because of Bug, but alas Е Probably, there The satisfactoriest form of the decision of a question considers those on the least resistance, That is by granting the right on repatriation (and not all), other legal opportunities Poles of the East are not considered. In due time such right was represented for all Poles Asian Republics and inhabitants of the Asian part of Russia, thus for not so clear reasons Poles of the European part of the former Union were rejected. (As to repatriation, which It was spent after the second world war there the right was given all former citizens of the second RP and serving in parts of the Army Polish). And in fact зр¤. And in fact till now, if to believe stories Specialists in folklore, on borders of Vitebsk and Smolensk areas in the next villages children play So: you Poles, we смол¤ки. And in general психокультурное a status of many inhabitants of Belarus It is those, that they, on the one hand, Byelorussians, on the other hand, nevertheless Poles. The link with Server of the Polish diaspora www.polonia.org, Which brightly testifies to number of the polonian organizations there, it is rather informative.

Perhaps, it is necessary to think of more precise психокультурной self-identifications of Poles of Russian-speaking cultural space as Poles of the East? Which would be different, with one side, from psychocultural self-identifications of Poles - citizens RP, on the other hand- From self-identification of other inhabitants of Russian-speaking cultural space. Question like hard, that self-identification which once took place, was erased, Such system as East Europe, it was some times deduced from a status of balance, After which, as is known from the theory of systems (the author of these lines writes as the mathematician under the diploma), Return to an initial status is impossible.

Thus relevantly, probably, will recollect becoming slavic languages, them The initial characteristic as "adverbs of uniform slavic language" (so in "Grammar" by Juraj Kryzanich, and it is the middle of XVII century), and registration of precise sides between them, a recognition one adverbs in quality of quite developed languages and non-recognition of others in that quality, And a recognition behind them only a dialect of certain more massive language Е

From this point of view becoming of modern Polish language was process hard, Present Polish Present Russian differs from the Polish Henry Senkevicha incommensurably more, than from Language Thick. Once samples of the Lvov variant of the Polish sample of the middle of XIX century, For example, in general it was difficult to attribute to any of generated and recognized Linguistic units: Polish? Ukrainian? Westukrainian? Coomonslavic? Slovak? Alas, Polish on which my father once communicated with me, has precisely fixed a status This language for the period of his{its} childhood, that is on 30-N-40-N years of XX century, so for the period of mine The first arrivals to Poland the author of these lines simply shined archaism in the speech Е Further, During the following arrivals in RP it is natural, it was erased, but here a certain memory of it has remained Е

And so, maybe, to try to say not so silently that nevertheless culture of Poles Russian-speaking cultural space, otherwise, culture eastpolish, different From culture westpolish, nevertheless was, and where even it is saved? Also that such culture, As well as culture which has been submitted by native speakers a yiddish and a Baltic variant German (yes, all set forth above concerned to city culture), nevertheless it is necessary to recognize culture left, but the culture once nevertheless having a place, as a certain bright transitive form The certain powerful adaptable process? Also that the attitude to descendants of carriers of such culture, Can be, it should be not worse, (in the sense that not less adequate), than to descendants Carriers of culture of language a yiddish and a Baltic variant of German (About what in due time The governments of Israel and Germany have taken care not in the worst image)? And, it is desirable, Not at a club level, коего suffices.
(Here: the author of these lines is moved sincerely with the certain Russian textbooks issued for Poles in RP. On the pair - three of linguistic masterpieces at acquaintance of pupils with them Representations about Russian nevertheless in these manuals take place. But Е there is no it is Subject of speech, that's why such I allow only in brackets).

Stop. The decision of a question what? A dual citizenship? Officially legislation RP is absolute Those did not provide, at least, up to the introduction of this country in European ”нию. As to real practice of the Russian life the facts of a dual citizenship with such старнами, as Germany take place, Israel, Bulgaria (with some of those it is familiar personally, there a question Stood very simply - the origin) would be proved. Perhaps, it is a way of the decision of a question? Perhaps, it is a way of development of a situation? Can be. Or (even) simplification of a visa mode For Poles of Russia (to the author it is not so pleasant at bells in embassy to receive answers about that, That, despite of the Polish origin, rights on reception of the tourist visa at me no, If there is no invitation). Once the voucher undertook directly on border, now, alas, It not so. As a whole sensation of the in an awkward situation. Both for itself and for colleagues and for Both powers it is insulting. As the majority of them are lineal descendants of participants Antiautocratic revolts 1830 and 1861-1863.

In a word a certain nonzero occasion that about this problem, probably, appears- To problem of Poles of the East to declare seriously.. That is to engage at least parliamentary Politics. Even to not feel like silly Е Vectors of political strike and Certain clear final вырисовались more than, good experience in the decision of this question is More than Е. Certainly, the question does not look so, that everyone should be involved in . But though someone to it involved nevertheless to be obliged Е

Wladyslaw Polakowski
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