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In Morozov in (1) on p.431 in section VI-XVII is going about eclipse mentioned in Curtiusa (2), (3, № 18):

"Re-Ruled through Tiger, king had stop in continuation two days, then велел declare the continuation a march. But around first guard upstaged moon has hidden the first briliance of its beauty, then запятнал whole its look, painted in colour a shelter".

Else this eclipse mention  Plutarch, Arrian, Ptolemeus and Plinius.

No no possibilities uniquely to solve appearing herewith хронологическую problem of its dating.

Frosts reasons about possibility of identification Alexander Macedonian with Alexander Severus.


1. Morozov N.A. Christ. Volume 4. Moscow. KRAFT-Lean, 1998
2. Curtius, IV 10 (39)
3. Spezieller Kanon der Sonnen- und Mondfinsternisse fur das Landregebiet der klassische Altertumswissenschaften und ben Zeitraum von 900 vor Chr bis 600 nach Chr von F.K.Ginzel Standigem Mitgliede des Konigl. Astronomische Recheninstitutes, Berlin Mayer & Muller 1899

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