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In Morozov in (1) on p.351 in chapter  II-VII  is going about eclipse mentioned in Firmicus Maternus.

It is considered the Constantin's contemporary. Describes in its "Astronomy" noonday solar eclipse probably, (with standpoint Morozova) in Sicily. He is author 8 books Matezisa, full astrology. Here is its word:

"Sun at noonday time, labored by rays of the moon, as it is waken; waked by some obstacle, has refused all people in sparkling glow of its briliance at consulate of Optacy and Paulini. How speak the next it was clever forseen by works of some mathematicians".

But in detail about all eclipses, having place under Constantin, possible hear, having clicked here.


1. Morozov N.A. Christ.Volume 4. Moscow. KRAFT-Lean, 1998

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