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1. In Morozov in (1) on p.433 in chapter VI-XX is going about eclipse mentioned in Polybius (2), (3, 21):

"Due to Moon eclipse galats exportable long ago with displeasure gravity a March, since they with wifes and children, followed by them in vehicles, refused to go further since have seen portent in eclipse".

On sense a text, this eclipse had happened when Attal, wenting from Kizika (Cyzicus) (for its remainder, according to Morozova, take the rubble near turkish city Aydindzhika in Small Asia), re-go through mountain Pelikos and stopped on river Megiste (i.e. Most Great).

No no possibilities uniquely to solve appearing herewith chronological problem of its dating.

2. In Morozov in (1) on p.437-438 in capter VI-XXVII  is going about eclipse mentioned in Polybius (2):

"When under Persee Macedonian was upstaged moon, in folk will go rumour that was upstaged happiness reigning"

If believe Morozov (1), this same eclipse, which mentioned in the fifth decade Tit Livius books. The most eventual solution of this problem is year 415.


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