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Unfortunately there are many problems in world history on which very frequently historians like to close eyes and do not draw attention. One of such one group of problems are the problems of the dating of the events of anciency. It concerns for example not only history of Egypt, China or Messopotamia but also the history of Europe.

There are several versions of europian chronology appearing and forming. The most eventual is following:

The chronology axe due to which dating of ancient and medieval europian events was making as total list of roman consuls and imperors. It was appeared as a result of compilation of different sources. This compilation was fulfilled, most eventually, in second half of XIII-th century and was made very tendentionally and had the aim to show the chronological chains of times between Jesus Chrise birth (beginning of our era) and forthcoming celebration of Jesus Chrise's 1300-years jubileum which according organizator's plans could attract the great amount of pelgrims.

Jesus Chrise's birth date was calculated by Dionysis Exiguus, and broad popular his work became due to Beda, enlglish historian of VII century. More comprehensive Clicking here.

The query of compilation of different annals reguires in more thorough exploring.

Eventually author of presenting in modern history notebooks chronicle of roman pontifex maximus (sooner popes) and imperors was Czech Martin Tropausensis (or Martin Polonus). He entered to it if believed to Morozov (3, p.777) many fantastic events. After him dominican Ptolomeus from Lucca compiled by some supernatural way church history from Jesus Chrise birth to year 1312, and Bernard Guidonis wrote the same history of popes and imperors. This works are writing by modern historians as own main documents.

There are only few works by Guidonis in Russian libraries.

And finally the man presenting completed work as to chronology and putting forward thereby their own chronological doctrina, was franch scientist and by way of life eternal student Joseph Justus Scaliger. His work were issued in last time in the on frontier 16-17 centuries and since then not republished.

Abovementioned authors eventually had before theirselfs chain of events in dating which they hadn't hesitate or which must pass to their chronological (for example, the date of Jesus Christ birth calculated by roman monk (Dionysis Exiguus).

Since that the date of life of someone consul, pope, bishop or emperor was considered as alreday determined and chronologists of other countries for dating events in their countries were must only take the relating dating (year of someone consul or emperor) and calculate on the base of already exists chronological scale year from Jesus Chrise birth.

Scaliger alreday had too test material: the celestial canon of moons and solar eclipses which at the time with definite accuracy already was composed. He could compare that celestial eclipses which were mentioned ancient annalists with the results of own checking.

The results of this checking Scaliger fixed by himself. Sometimes they are very strange: eclipse founded by Scaliger don't pass to it's description in source, and Scaliger considered it as passing.

Unfortunately since then (with the moment of the edition of it works on 16-17 centuries frontier) historians lost all manner of interest and astronomers only were interested. In particular, all of them are mentioned at Ginzel's Handsbuch (1) and at Morozov in volume 4 his 7-volume "Christ".

Results of Morozov's checking was following: frontier beginning with which all eclipses, above-mentioned in sources, are acknowledged astronomically, is 4-th century AD. Namely about this problem was known long ago this problem was silenced.

To works by Dionysis Exiguus and Scaliger was told the mistrust of on behalf many opponents, in particular, on behalf Isaac Newton and John Kepler.

At the same time there is a number of problems with the checking of the authenticity of sources.

The author of this article endeavors together with its associates as to nonnumerous available data to restore chronological bar of ancient world.



1. Spezieller Kanon der Sonnen - und Mondfinsternisse fur das Landregebiet der klassische Altertumswissenschaften und ben Zeitraum von 900 vor Chr. bis 600 Chr. von F. K. Ginzel Standigem Mitgliede des Konigl. Astronomische Recheninstitutes, Berlin Mayer & Muller 1899
2. Morozov N. A. Christ. Volume 4. Moscow-Leningrad 1928

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