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In Morozov (1) is going about several eclipses, mentioned in Exceptum Sangalence.

1. In (1) on p. 330 in chapter I-XIV is told about eclipse, mentioned in (2), (3, 71) Exceptum Sangalence:

"In 4-th year of Velizary and 4-th of Stratika has become the darkness from 3 before 4 hours of Saturday (die Saturnis)".

4-th year of Velizary traditionally is 538 AD. If believe Morozovu, for its coconsul Stratiqui think that this only special Appion's nickname consul 539., which on the one of the inscriptions in Oviedo is named by Fl.Strategius Apion.

Thereby, problem on this eclipse is formulated so: eclipse was held approximately in 6-th age at Saturday, well observed from Greece or Italy.

On canon Krasilinikov we search for such eclipses and write them in table 1:

 Table 1

                                Rome     Constantinopol
 511/01/15 Sa  15:56  0.765
 534/04/29 Sa  06:06  0.700     06:10  0.849

Most likely that in Exceptum Sangalence is going about the second eclipse. In Constantinopol it was seen approximately at 8 o'clocks on local time, as once from 3-go before 4-go hour after dawning.

2. Else about one Moon eclipse mentioned in (2) on p.335 in chapter I-XVII:

"Year 567... Moon disappeared II January calends (31 december)".

Verify this moon eclipse on canon Krasilinikov. Result write in table 2.

Table 2.
 567/12/31 19:46
 605/12/31 06:42

We aren't seeking the solutions in more late epoch. Message we can consider realistically dated.

Our findings have complied with conclusions Morozov.


1. MOROZOV N.A. Christ. Volume 4. Moscow. KRAFT-Lean, 1998
2. Exceptum Sangallense (Monum. Germ. Austor antiq. IX, 334).
3. Spezieller Kanon der Sonnen- und Mondfinsternisse fur das Landregebiet der klassische Altertumswissenschaften und ben Zeitraum von 900 vor Chr bis 600 nach Chr von F.K.Ginzel Standigem Mitgliede des Konigl. Astronomische Recheninstitutes, Berlin Mayer & Muller 1899

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