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1. In Morozov (1) on p. 390 in chapter IV-XI  is going about eclipse mentioned in Seneq:
 (2), (4, 38):

"The same (i.e. appearance of island in Ehea sea) was held at second on our memory in consule time of Valerius Asiatus. It's Terasia, island, borned durong our exploration in Ehea sea".

About the same is going in Dio Cassius and Aurelius Victor.

2. In Morozov (1) on p. 425 in chapter VI-X  is going about eclipse mentioned in Seneq (3), (4, 11):

"Archelaus king knew natural evidences so bad that's in day when Sun eclipse was held he locked up his son and hair-cut him and that was the sign of mourning and lucklessity".

Morozov says that about this one is going in Ksenofont. He says also that historians brought this eclipse to the first year of 94-th olimpiad, i.e. to the year 403 BC. But wasn'y Sun eclipse this year.

We can find too many eclipses for this decription.


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