Theon's eclipse was published in Morozov in (1) on p. 356 and it has number II-X. Morozov writes(by quotation greec laters are omited and is given their translation to Russian):

"In Theon's comments (3), (4, 55) very well and scientifically following eclipse is describing:

"the time of thorough calculating by us eclipse in one of sizigia, by civil days and astronomical hours, was by egypt scoring in 1112 since Nabu-Nazorea times and (in translation: Christ prophet) in 2 2/3 astronomical hours afternoon Thoth 24 and by Alexandria scoring if give days civil and equal too in 1112 and equal too 2 2/3 astronomical hours day 22 Paini"

"And we by authentical way observed that event by authentical time was began in 2 2/3 astronomical hours afternoon, the middle of eclipse was in 3 3/4 hours and the end was very close to 4 1/2 overmentioned times afternoon day 22 paini"".

Morozov here makes comment:

"because of solar eclipse was after noon so it was solar"

We say noone solar eclipse has duraton over 10 minutes. Only one was atmosphere evidance possible.

We shalln't here make analisys of Morozov's text. We only say his comments of this eclipses are good illustration of nonprfection of modern stage of egyptology. Also there are good example demonstrating nonperfection of Oppolzer's canon in comparasion with Krasilnikov's one. The solution Morozov satisfyed was the eclipse 22 June 1126 in Alexandria was not visible (phase 0.067).

But we shall consider this information as authentical and we shall try decide so appearing problem:

22 paini by Alexandia scoring what was coincide with 24 Thoth by egypt scoring was in Alexandria complete solar eclipse.

If believe (2) after Alexandria calendar proclaiming with it's egypt names of month and structure of timescoring coinciding with this obe in Julian calendar 22 Paini Alexandia calendar corresponds 17 June Julian calendar.

Let's show fron 17 June with range 7 days all eclipses observes from Alexandria according Krasilnikov's canon from 30 DC (Egypt conquering by romans and introduction of alexandria calendar by julian example) till 1500 BC

1433/06/17 16:05 0.856

1015/06/19 03:13 0.742

0540/06/20 08:20 0.598

1061/06/20 04:30 0.935

0624/06/21 16:44 0.598

1191/06/23 12:37 0.622

0866/06/16 10:13 0.724

1387/06/16 11:06 0.852

0234/06/14 03:29 0.704

1173/06/12 03:22 0.866

0606/06/11 07:47 0.827

Is visible that more passing decision that first no find. Eclipse was held 17 June 1433 in 1112 Nabu-Nazorea era. Then:

1. Nabu-Nazorea era was began in 321. One interesting notation: if consider that Jesus Christ was borned by imperor Tiberius times, and from julian calendar during Nicea cathedral was excluded three days we obtain complete confirming said by Morozov hipotese that Nabu-nazorea name is really almost translation of the name Jesus Christ.

2. With consideration every 4 years 1 Thoth of egypt calendar moved by time going to later dates of julian and alexandria calendars we can score when 1 Thoth of those Egypt and Julian calendars coincided. 22 paini has distance from 24 Thoth  270 days and those delay could held in 270 olimpiads or 270*4=1080 years. Hence 1 Thoth Alexandria and Egyot calendars coincided in next of astronomical years:

353, -1108, -2569 and so on.

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