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In Morozov in (1) on p. 335 in chapter  I-XIX  is going solar eclipse mentioned in Theophilacta Simocatta (2), (3, 78):

"In spite of all dissuade, autocrat Maurici has emerged from his palace on 1 1/2 parasang. This place is identified by the bisantians as Gebdomon ("seventh road stone" - rot. Morozov). At day had become great Sun eclipse. This was a ninth year Maurici (591-th year our era on history tradition). Under he rosed the unexpected blast a boer and strong south wind so from raged epidemic deathes were thrown the small stones from its bottom".

Hence emperor East Roman empire Maurici according to all history reference books had began to rule in 582. Ninth year of its rule was, see, 590-th, rather then 591-th, since in Bizantii first year of rule an emperor was considered the year begin its rules straight with begin this year.

Search For on canon Krasilinikov eclipses, having place in year 590 in Vizantii.
Result write in table 1.

Table 1
  590/10/04 11:42  0.931

The speech goes about this eclipse in  Gregori Turonensis, Teophan, Anastas Librarian, Zonaras in "worldwide chronicles".


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