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The question: which occupation is the closest for me? The business-plan development, the creation of new game technologies, first of all for educational process, the organisation of children holidays with the elements of new computer technologies? The effort of solutions of the mysteries of centuries and responce on the highest level on the questions of chronology of antiquity and human history reconstruction? Or may be following of call of ancestors, what is the final impuls for his business, public and scientifical activity?

Well... My name is Wladyslaw Polakowski. Iam ma programmist, lawyer, translator, writer, producer of actions on the base of his game technologies, TV including, book publisher, buy and sale manager, engineer, physicist, historian, mathematician. May be still someone.

I has tried to list the kinds of activity where as I feel I was very useful for people.

* * *

The main field of interest me as programmer is development of game enviroment which could be the best for propagation of language of language and literature products in game forms.

Open the poem game made by this technology is exhibited in Russian federal collection of educational resource on This product was made in the cooperation with the methodists from Moscow State Pedagogical University.

To regret nowadays this game is playing on russificated Windows systems only

According the preliminary evaluation this product can be the more effective in bilinguical language enviroments, when the russian language isn't the single means of communication.

The opportunities of game technology on this product are not finished.

There is developed the preliimnary concept of scene and TV game versions. According to one claim nowadays there is the work on the anima version of game technology. The partners of every of this directions are seeking.

* * *

The site hoster is author of works and several books, including already printed, in the field of time and number symbolics, chronology of antiquity and medievity and human history reconstruction, and number of adjacent topics (the modelling of historical processes, economics, law, literary criticism). As mathematishian he is author of logical formalismus of human history reconstruction,, what he consideres as his main deposit to the science form the viepoint of methodology.

Author consideres the fact of synchronization of hegara lunar calendar, from one side, and solar julian calendar, from the another side, as his main result in science. This fact illuminates on the fact of the synchronisation (thats mean beginning of the simultaneous scoring) between new era and lunar hegara era, what, in turn, gives the points to the confirmation of hipothesis of simultaneous origin of those erae..

About this things there is going in his declaration after the results of his ten-years explorers activity, pirnted in newspapers, as well as in the appearing a little later collective declaration of russian explorers-alternativists, representatives of natural sceinces, the participants of numerous conferences and seminars.

In 1990 he graduated from Moscow Physics-Technical Institute. In 1997 was published his first work on the chronology of antiquity and medievity in reports of International informatisation forum, IV Congress "The society edvelopment and society information".

The author bases hisr scientifical activity in the field of humanitary sciences, as well as his activity on the frontier of natural and humanitary sciences, going from the gnostical goals of historical science - the maximal authentically reconstuction of past. From the viewpoint of spiritual values he goes from the principle of protection and upholding such cultural value, as authentismus.

The principles of his public activity are the same. In 2001 the discussion "If the history variants can have" was organized, and in 2007 was organized the conference in Russian Peoples Friendship Univercity "The symbols of numbers and symbols of time". Besides it there were many speeches on different internet-forumae of natural science topic, on the Supernovum project first of all.

The most popular author's Internet-nickname is wlad.

* * *

Author of some books, some of them are already printed:

Nowadays he is assistant of St. Jerome's society chairman, one of the founders of Congress Poles of Russia Intenet-site.

He is invited as competitor on the defence of degree of candidate of historical sciences, first from the representatives of natural sceinces of alternative viewpoints on world chronology.

* * *

To the author has carried from the viewpoint of his national origin.

He was appeared:

  • as creator of one of the three sites on the polonical topic on the russianlanguage terrritories, the only one survived till nowadays. Link from the world Polonia homesite has survied too;
  • as iniciator and one of the founders of Internet-site of Congrees of Poles of Russia;
  • as creator of group "Polonia Rosji i krajow ex-ZSRR" on the "Odnoklassniki" social net;
  • as one of iniciators of writing of book "What are we, the Poles of Russia" ("Kim jestesmy, Polacy Rosji"). Nowaays book is prepared for publishung

* * *

Author sometimes doesn't hides his political views, and his considerations he forms as separate articles. But for the politics he has the lack of time.

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