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1. In  Morozova in (1) on p. 336 in chapter  I-XIX  is going about solar eclipse mentioned in Zonarasa in his "Worldwide chronicles" (2), (5, 78):

"Autocrat Maurici has fixed his Feodosy son as a coruler and he was coronated at Easter day by patriarch Ion. When was comprised world with persians, carry it military management with Orient in Frakiyu and itself has abandoned Bizantiyu to visit conquered barbarous area, and has here is occurred the eclipse".

On traditions Eastroman emperor Maurici ruled 21 in 582 on 602 AD. Write all eclipses visible from Constantinopol in years of his rule in table 1.

Table 1.
  590/10/04 11:42  0.931
  592/03/19 09:21  0.949
  601/03/10 08:11  0.769

About the same eclipse there is a speech at Theophilacta Simocattae, Theophan, Anastas Librarian, and Gregori Turonensis.

2. In Morozova in (1) on p. 433 in chapter VI-XIX is going about astronomical phenomenas mentioned in Zonarasa (3), (5, 20). In more detail is going about them in Tit Livius.

Hardly this were eclipses more eventually his were a meteorite or fireball.

3. In Morozov in (1) on p. 435 in section VI-XXIV is going about solar eclipse mentioned in Zonarasa (4), (5, 24). It tooked place under Hannibal:

"Hannibal did not want to fought, but in continuation whole night toilled on splitting the encampment and digging of pits. Though they inhered in heavy position from fatigue and thirst, but Scipion their has forced against desire to take fighting. Romans have knocked with spirituation and in graceful order, Hannibal and carphagenians  were afraid, as in consequence of that that sun was absolutely upstaged, so and from other reason".

Same is written in Flavius  in "Judaic antiquities", is whence seen that it used by Zonaras as firsthand.

No no possibilities uniquely to solve appearing herewith chronological problem of its dating.


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