Paulina Kostecka Wladyslaw Polakowski

Invite to discussion: the totem animal of Pole

If moving apparate and in certain stage reflexity of person's behavior is similar to the moving apparate and reflexity of animals is often says that person is similar to one or another animal. By this animal is embodyment of some features of person.

For example the lion is embodyment of braveness and contemptness, the fox of cunning one, the snake of insidiousness, the bear of awkwardness, the donkey of obstinacy, flamingo of beauty and so on.

If for someone great community of people the characteristic features of one or another animal begin to appear is possible to say avout the total animal of this community of people. In particular is possible to say about totem animal of one or antoher nationality.

Isn't so hard to identify of this animal among another. For example Frenchmen are loving their gallic cocks, Ukrainians in meal love pig bacon, as for Lithuanians they even prayed on their grass-snakes.

As for Russia nondoubt totem animal is bear. He is showing absolute illegibility in meal having eat everything, calmness till the last minute, (to weak up bear is always the cause noneasy), sometimes till down to indifference (because of this bears males are attacking imcomparably more rare then bear females). It is showing some indivisulity, it doesn't live in nonfreedom (the bear child beeing growing in nonfredom will be doom in forest). It has strong voice (the famous bear's rour), and it is marking its territory with signs on the trees. It is traditional and most respectable circus animal. It's so hard to keep in captivity and govern them.

As for USA the nondoubt totem animal is donkey. It us showing the famous obstinacy: the own it is carring, but some extra not, although it has not bad ablness to work. The productivity of labour is depending upon the conditions of contents. The animal is domestic. It is feeling rather hard on the wild nature. The characteristic resistacne is famous donkey's shout. In USA it has nondoubt first place rating on the caricature and once more it is symbol of on of the leaders parties.

As for Poland and Poles... Let it be goose. This phrase is short. Author expresses the hopeness that reader will be able to find many Similar features. The way of life organization, the reflexivity of behavior, the great amount of sibiliant sounds.

Everyone is inviting to tell his own opinion.

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